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Why Tortex

We undertake to offer complete Trunkey solutions to construct Farm Ponds, Pisciculture Ponds, helping in vermi compost culture etc.

What is Farm Ponds :

It is a man-made dug out structure having proper inlet and outlet structures designed mainly for collecting the surface runoff flowing water from the ground area. It is commonly constructed at the lowest portion of the farm land. This collected and stored water is further used for a various agricultural purposes such as to irrigate crops, azolla culture, etc.

Types of Pond:

Embankment Type: Here the ponds are commonly constructed across the stream or water course and consist of an earthen embankment (earthen dam).

Excavated or Dug out type: Here ponds are constructed by excavating the ground soil, to collect the desired capacity of water.

We undertake to offer complete Turnkey solutions for Azolla Cultivation by using TORTEX-Azolla Bed.

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